Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to avail our service?

Register& Login to book your required tests.
Order confirmation will be sent to you via email / sms.
Confirm your appointment with the Diagno Lab Phlebotomist
Technician will visit your home and collect samples along with the amount.
Samples will be forwarded to Diagno Lab`s Central Processing Lab located in Gurgaon
Samples will be processed, reported online and couriered.
Diagno Labs India collection center will print and deliver the reports to you. (hand- delivery or courier)

Q. For whom is this ideal?

This health check-up is ideal for anyone who is above the age of 30 years, especially those who are leading sedentary lifestyles, never opt for physical exercises, prefer junk food and have familial history of diabetes, obesity, overweight, etc.

Q. Where are the tests done?

The tests are done at our central laboratory in Gurgaon.

Q. Does transportation cause any change in quality ?

All specimens reach Diagno Labs within 24 to 48 hours’ time frame from different parts of the country in a triple packaging system as per WHO-IATA guidelines wherein the barcoded vial is the primary receptacle, the thermacole box with frozen cool packs is the secondary receptacle and the outer cardboard box is the tertiary receptacle. All specimens are not just checked for the transportation delays and temperatures but also for factors like hemolysis, clotting, samples without barcodes, leakages, lipemia, wrong vials etc. and only those samples which pass through the preanalytical checks are taken for processing.

Q.What are the required samples?

5 ml venous blood and 2 ml urine required for the test. You must be in a condition of fasting for 10-12 hours before we can collect the samples.

Q. What are the timings for sample collection?

8 am to 11 am in the morning is ideal for sample collection. We request you to give a 30 min grace period from the time of appointment to compensate for locating your home and possible traffic. Also we request you to give 2 dates as an option to the service provider. Collection on Sundays/ Holidays are not available in all cities.

Q. How long does it take for the reports to be delivered?

It usually takes 2-5 days from the date of sample collection depending on your location. It is either hand- delivered or couriered to your house address.

Q. Can I see the reports online?

Yes.You can check the status of the bookings done and the soft copy of the reports will be made available once reports are released from the laboratory.

Q. I have a test which shows abnormal value. What to do now?

First of all, the test reports should be interpreted by a qualified medical practitioner. Nevertheless, you can still look at the report forms which also have the normal ranges mentioned for all the tests. If any test is abnormal, you must immediately consult with your doctor. Do not start treatment or medication on your own. Most of the time, the lab results may need re-checking before initiating treatment or medication.

Q. For whom is this test not ideal?

Not for patients requiring critical / emergency medical care. This testing should not be opted if you are having any critical ailment and you require the results to start treatment or medication.

Q.Is your service available in my city?

We are present in more than 600 locations on a Pan-India basis. You can confirm the availability of our service in your city, by calling or emailing us.