Why Diagno Labs:

Diagno Labs is a leading chain of pathology laboratories in India. The facilities provided by Diagno Labs and its achievements include:

  • Successfully completed testing of more than 2 million patient samples.  
  • 10 Network Labs & Reference Labs in Delhi, Gurgaon, Indore, Jaipur, Jamshedpur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Saharanpur and Srinagar. 
  • 4000+ collection centers spread across varied geographical locations.   
  • Testing of 100000 Thyroid samples on a monthly basis.   
  • Test menu includes 800 Plus tests and is increasing.   
  • The principal laboratory located in Gurgaon is equipped with state-of-the-art equipments and technology. This lab conducts a wide range of tests across various disciplines such as clinical pathology, biochemistry, histopathology and microbiology.  
  • Diagno Labs has brought specialized tests such as newborn screening to the reach of everyone.  
  • Radiology facilities are available at Preet Vihar laboratory. 
  • International samples are continuously being outsourced to Diagno Labs from countries such as Nepal, Bangladesh , Africa and Middle East.

Medical Excellence-The back bone of our Services


Dr. C.V. Nerikar, Group CEO, Healthcare

Dr. C.V. Nerikar has 20 years rich experience in Health Care management and in making health care services available to the common man. He is a qualified pathologist and has played a key role in the marketing, networking, and operations of major health care brands in India. His exposure to expansion and networking has been a principal factor that has facilitated the success of RJ Corp Healthcare verticals.


Dr RajKumar Rathod (MBBS,MD)VP, Lab Operation Network

Postgraduate in Pathology & having 13 years of domestic & three years of international experience, worked in various capacities & held various positions during this tenure. He started his career as a Lecturer in Govt Medical College & Super speciality Hospital, Nagpur Presently working as a Head Network Lab operations at Diagno Labs Pvt Ltd . His previous assignment was Chief of Lab Operations Medanta Africare Kenya. He has also contributed to premier healthcare brands like Dr. Lal Path Labs & Aditya Birla Hospital.


Dr. Sonal Saxena AVP (MBBS,MD) Lab Operation Gurgaon

Dr. Sonal Saxena has 15 years of experience in field of pathology working in a mix of independent labs,clinic and hospital.she had a gold medal in physiology,pathology & Microbiology.