Our Quality Mission

We, at Diagno Labs, are committed to achieving the highest quality for our customers & patients. We shall fulfill our commitment by using world class equipment for testing and adhering to international standards and independent validation by the best accrediting agencies.

7steps to Quality Excellence

1. We shall bring continual awareness for quality at all levels of the Organization.
2. We shall ensure the quality of the tests by owning the quality process right from pre-sampling to actual testing, including the transportation and storage.
3. We shall ensure a comprehensive Quality methodology including internal controls, external validations and international proficiency certification of our processes and practices aimed at complying with internationally recognized standards.
4. We shall ensure that all results are provided within committed Turnaround Times.
5. We shall continually improve our processes and standards to match international advances and ensure that our staff are trained to upgrade their skill levels and regularly certified.
6. We shall regularly communicate with all our key stakeholders to seek feedback, suggestions and issues to seed and feed our continuous improvement activities.
7. We shall resolve every customer & patient issue to their satisfaction within a committed time and ensure a valid continuous improvement process.